Elementary Kids Church (Mighty Warriors)

Hello CVC Kids Church - This lesson is for our Elementary (Mighty Warrior) friends.

New Series - Part 2 - Week 2 of Blueprints At Home (May 24th, 2020)

After watching the video below you can find today's lesson by clicking here https://open.life.church/items/205802-family-lesson-pdf and this weeks activity and coloring sheets by clicking here https://open.life.church/…/205801-activity-coloring-sheets-…

Blueprints At Home is an eight-week series created to do as a family at home! Each week includes a family lesson that parents can do with both preschool and elementary kids, as well as a preschool video that will help kids learn to identify their emotions and respond to them in the way God wants!

Kids will see how to use the Blueprint of God’s Word to manage their feelings by following three steps: stopping to name the emotion they feel, looking at what is going on inside and around them to cause them to feel that way, and listening to what God says about that feeling.

Special thanks to the KidSpring ministry at NewSpring Church for providing these resources.