The Messages of Pastor Mark Murack   Pastor Mark Murack


9 to 5 Jesus

Misbeliefs That Rob us of God’s Best

The 60 Day Bucket List

New Identity

A Healthy Soul

Partnering With God - Living Supernaturally

A Supernatural Calling

Pillars of Rest

Asking the Right Questions

The Place God Always Shows Up

#Be an E

Possessing Your God-Given Dream

Becoming a Prophetic Community

The Power of Persistence

The Breakfast of Champions

The Power of Priorities

Bringing Heaven’s Culture to Earth

Power to be Sons of God

Can You Hear Me Now?


The Carpenter Who Changed the World

The Quest For Real Faith



Daniel and Friends

Reality of Living In God's Love


Really, Really, REALLY Good News!!

Doing The Works

Revolutionary Relationships

Do You Know Where You Are Headed?

Revolutionize Your Relationships


The Road to Friendship With God

Faith In Who You Are In Christ


The F Word

Satan's #1 Weapon

Family First

Satan's Secret Weapon

The Father's Love

The Second Most Important Principle to Succeeding in Life

Fearless Love

Secrets to Frustration Free Relationships

First Things First

The Secret Solution

The Five Love Languages

Self-Serve or iServe

Freedom: Breaking the Roots of Debt

Solving the Biggest Problem in Your Life

Freedom Through Forgiveness

Sons and Daughters of God

Fresh Start

Stepping Into Your Promised Destiny

The Gift of Prophecy


God Encounters

Supernatural Relationships

God’s Secret

There is a Miracle Within Your Reach

God With Us

The 3 I's That Are Not About Me

The Gospel of Grace

Travelling the Road of God's Favour and Blessing

The Great Scandal

The Ultimate Question to a Regret Free Life

Habits: Unlock the Keys That Make or Break Your Life


Having Faith in the Blessings of God

Using the 4 Letter Word

Healing the Orphan Heart

Walking the Path

Highly Favoured

What Kind of Man Are You?


 Where Are You?

How Did I End Up Here?

 Which Jesus?

How to Find Real Meaning In Life

Who Do You Think You Are?

How to Get Out of Your Problem Pit

Who Needs Christmas

How to Love When You’re Feeling Unloving

Will the Real Superman Please Stand Up!

Identity: Seeing Yourself the Way God Sees You


iPod Parenting: Connecting When They Tune Out


It’s a Snap to Break Free from Torment


It’s Natural


Joy: The Secret to Your Breakthrough


The King’s Kingdom


Life by Design


Life Isn’t A Spectator Sport




Living in the Way


Living Life With God


Love Blockers