Visiting Us?

Scent Free Policy

As a community of faith, it is important that all people who come here feel respected and safe – spiritually and physically.

For the general population, exposure to scents is not typically a problem. However for some individuals with chemical sensitivity, asthma or allergies, exposure to perfumes and other scented products could be a health hazard, or life threatening. Reactions may vary from breathing problems to migraine headaches, anxiety, inability to concentrate, nausea, fatigue, and/or skin irritation.

For the comfort and health of all our visitors and family we request your support by refraining from using scented products prior to visiting the Church.

How do I get there and what time do your services start and finish?

There’s a map on the main contact page.
Our Sunday morning service starts at 10:00 am and is usually done by 11:40 am

Where do I park?

We have a large paved parking lot with lots of room, including handicapped parking spots. Our building is wheelchair accessible.

What should I wear?

Most of our regulars choose to dress casually, but please wear whatever you feel comfortable in!

Who should I speak with if I have any questions?

There are Greeters at the doors when you come in and are there to provide any information you might need, and direct you to the kids church registration desk and where the washrooms are. There’s free coffee served before and after service, an area with tables and chairs to enjoy your coffee and even a bookstore to browse through before our services begin.

What about my kids?

On Sunday mornings we run a full children’s church program, complete with their own praise and worship time which is geared to their age group. You can register your children before service at the registration desk in the main lobby where you will be given a numbered tag which you will need when picking up your child after service.  Once registered you can accompany them to their classroom where both you and your child(ren) can meet the ministry team. If your child requires your attention during service their number will flash on a LED screen located up on the front wall of the sanctuary so you can slip out to see your child. 

For your peace of mind we don’t include children for the music portion of our worship service and then dismiss them to their classrooms.  When dismissing a group of children from a church service there is always a possibility a child could go somewhere unnoticed and we want you to be confident that your child is secure and safe where you dropped them off.

Should you wish to keep your child upstairs with you they are always welcome to sit in the sanctuary with you.

For further details follow this link: Children’s Church

Where are the washrooms?

You will find the men’s and women’s washrooms down the corridor on the left of our lobby plus a wheelchair accessible washroom, and a nursing room for moms with change facilities as well. We have additional washrooms downstairs for the children in case they need to go during service.

What can I expect to happen during the service itself?

The service will start with a few upbeat contemporary Christian songs and then followed by a few slower songs that really allow people to slow down to encounter God’s presence in a personal way. The words will be on the big screen for you. If you don’t know the songs, just relax and listen. Feel free to sing, clap, tap your feet – whatever you are comfortable with. Most people will stand during any music, but equally, feel free to sit if you wish. Many comment afterwards that they could really feel the loving presence of God and that they were filled with real peace and joy. We often sing for 30 minutes at which time there will be a time to meet and greet people, a few announcements and time for our members to worship God and express their love to him through their giving of tithes and offerings to help support the many outreaches we do. NOTE: We do not expect our guests to feel any obligation to give, because you are our guests so just relax and enjoy.
At the end of the service, there may be a little more music and the chance for you to respond to what you have heard.
Once the service is dismissed we have a prayer team who will pray with people about any needs or problems they have. WE have seen many answers to prayers and miracles take place as a result of these prayers.
We assure you that during the service you will not made to feel embarrassed, or asked to speak. During the meet and greet there will probably be someone near you who will want to shake your hand, but you’ll find them very friendly!
Sometimes you’ll find the format a little different if we have a guest speaker or if we feel the Holy Spirit leading us to change things a bit.

What happens after service?

It’s family fellowship time. Once you retrieve your kids please join us for free coffee or tea in the lobby. If you are able to after service our leaders would really enjoy the chance to meet you. After all, church is all about people and relationships, and we would like to get to know you!
Lastly, on your way in as our guest our greeters will have a visitor guest bag for you with some items including a card that you can fill out and take into the bookstore for a free gift after the service as our way of saying thank you for coming.

We’ve tried to answer the questions we think you might have before you first come, so that your visit with us will be as comfortable as possible. If you have additional questions please feel free to email us at: