Visiting Us?


Onsite Visits

Registration is required for each service so that if someone did test positive we can contact all those in attendance.  

You can register in advance by clicking here or you can register at the door. We recommend you pre-register to avoid line ups at the door. Please do not pre-register until you are sure you are able to attend to help us keep accurate attendance. We recommend registering the morning of the service you are attending.

Doors will open at 9:30am. 
Upon entry you will be asked the pre-screening questions (also found online if you pre-register). You will then be directed to sanitize your hands. 

Unregistered attenders will be directed to two computer stations to register at the church and we will also have a greeter to assist for those who are unable to do so on their own.

One sanctuary door will be marked "Enter Only" and the other "Exit Only". 

An usher will seat attendees starting at the front pews and work backwards to help maintain physical distancing.  Every 2nd pew has been removed to help this process. Once the service is finished we will dismiss people one row at a time.

Please note that due to Covid-19 Children will be required to remain with their parents as we are unable to safely provide children’s ministry at this time.

For your Safety & Protection

  • If you choose to sing during worship you must wear a face mask or face shield.

  • Our volunteers and staff will wear a facemask or a face shield and gloves and will have their temperature taking prior to every service for your safety.

  • Any fellowship time will need to take place outside of the building.

  • 3 people can be in the washrooms at one time. There is a touch free hand sanitation station located outside the washroom doors. Please sanitize before entering the washrooms. We have added, touch free paper towel and soap dispensers.

  • The bookstore will be closed and no beverages or food will be served.

  •  We ask you to refrain from hugging, handshaking and that you remain 6 feet apart from those who are not part of your immediate social circle. 

  • If you are not feeling well or exhibiting any symptoms of illness please remain home and watch our CVC online service.

  • We encourage you to wear a facemask or face shield for the protection of others and to set a good example to our community.  We will have free masks available to any who needs one.  

  • We have increased our cleaning and sanitization procedures for your safety.


Scent Free Policy

As a community of faith, it is important that all people who come here feel respected and safe – spiritually and physically.

For the general population, exposure to scents is not typically a problem. However for some individuals with chemical sensitivity, asthma or allergies, exposure to perfumes and other scented products could be a health hazard, or life threatening. Reactions may vary from breathing problems to migraine headaches, anxiety, inability to concentrate, nausea, fatigue, and/or skin irritation.

For the comfort and health of all our visitors and family we request your support by refraining from using scented products prior to visiting the Church.

How do I get there and what time do your services start and finish?

There’s a map on the main contact page.

Our Sunday morning service starts at 10:00 am. Our doors open at 9:30am and service is normally over by 11am. 

Where do I park?

We have will have an usher in the parking lot to assist you with finding a parking space. We do have handicapped parking spots and our building is wheelchair accessible.

What should I wear?

Most of our regulars choose to dress casually, but please wear whatever you feel comfortable in!

Who should I speak with if I have any questions?

There are Greeters at the doors when you come in and are there to provide any information you might need.

What about my kids?

*Children will be required to remain with their parents as we are unable to safely provide children’s ministry at this time.

We do have Online Bible Lessons available for pre-school, elementary, and youth (grades 6-12) age groups. We post all our Kids church material in our CVC Kids Church Online Facebook group. To join the group please click here

Where are the washrooms?

You will find the men’s and women’s washrooms down the corridor on the left of our lobby plus a wheelchair accessible washroom, and a nursing room for moms with change facilities as well. Due to Covid-19 only 3 people are permitted in the bathrooms at any one given time to be able to physical distance properly.

What can I expect to happen during the service itself?

The service will start with a few upbeat contemporary Christian songs and then followed by a few slower songs that really allow people to slow down to encounter God’s presence in a personal way. The words will be on the big screen for you. If you don’t know the songs, just relax and listen. Feel free to sing, clap, tap your feet – whatever you are comfortable with. (Facemasks must be worn during worship if you choose to sing). Most people will stand during any music, but equally, feel free to sit if you wish. 
The message will begin at approx 10:20am following the worship and will be wrapped up by around 11am.
Due to Covid-19  we won't be doing the meet and greet, there will be no fellowship time after service, and we will not be passing the offering baskets. We do have stations set up in the lobby for you to do your tithes and offering through debit and we have two mailboxes on the wall to put your offering envelopes in after completed. We also have ways to give electronically through e-transfer by using the email address or you can visit our website at for other online giving options. There is no obligation to give, please give as you feel lead to. 

What happens after service?

Normally we would enjoy fellowship time together over coffee and snacks after service but due to Covid-19 we are no longer able to fellowship within the church. Any fellowship time needs to happen outside the building. After the message is over, the Pastor will dismiss you one row at a time, very similar to what would be seen at a wedding. This is to ensure that we are able to practice proper physical distancing when we are leaving.

We’ve tried to answer the questions we think you might have before you first come, so that your visit with us will be as comfortable as possible. If you have additional questions please feel free to email us at: 


Online Visits

Livestream on Facebook at