• Nov 8 Thu

    Creation Ministries - Creation vs Science

    November 08, 2018 @ 07:00 PM
    Christian Victory Church
    Julie Baker
    705-742-8434 ext 226

    Creation Ministries International presents 
    Creation vs Science
    with CMI Speaker Richard Fangrad
    Thursday November 8, 2018 

    7:00pm - It’s a great time to be a Christian!
    In this easy-to-understand scientific and theological presentation Richard shows how the latest scientific discoveries wonderfully support the history recorded in Scripture. Christianity is not a blind faith, but is supported by what scientists observe today. 

    8:15pm - Biology Supports the Bible
    The Bible says that animals and plants are to reproduce ‘after their kind’. This talk discusses biological change over time, clarifying that the type of change observed has nothing to do with ‘molecules-to-man’ evolution, it is actually the very opposite. Natural Selection, antibiotic resistance and genetic mutations are discussed at a layman’s level. These topics help us understand how the great variety of animals that we have today could have descended from those on Noah’s Ark, adapting to different post-Flood climates, and that biological ‘molecules-to-man’ evolution is an impossibility.

    Hosted at Christian Victory Church 
    520 Brealey Dr. Peterborough, ON www.cvchurch.ca
    For more information please call 705-742-8434

    Sponsored by:
    Calvary Church, Northview Pentecostal Church, Gilmour Memorial Baptist Church, Living Hope Christian Reformed Church, Pathway Church, Ferndale Bible Church and Christian Victory Church