Pastoral Leadership & Congregational Commitment

A Message from the Pastoral Leadership Team:

As the Pastoral Leadership of Christian Victory Church, we would like to make a commitment to you. It is our desire as a church to serve you with distinction as we represent the Living Head of CVC, the Lord Jesus Christ. Please follow the link below to download the PDF file which contains our commitment to you. In the Lord's strength and with the Holy Spirit's guidance, we will endeavour to fulfil this commitment to the glory of God. Please prayerfully consider the latter part of the document which includes a statement of how we believe God would have you respond to that commitment. We love and appreciate every one of you, and commit together to do all He calls us to do to bring to fruition the vision God has for this church, the church in this city and beyond.

Pastoral Leadership & Congregational Commitment PDF

There is a paper copy available as a trifold brochure in the lobby of the church.