Without a "Vision to Envision" we lose our focus and passion. We forget why we are doing what we are doing because we lose sight of where we are going. 

As we co-labour with Jesus we ask the question "What will CVC look like in the future?" What is Jesus leading CVC to grow into and accomplish as his church?

  • We envision a family where people experience God's overwhelming Love and Acceptance so they no longer feel like a misfit; they begin to believe that they have value and a higher purpose. 


  • We envision a church where people are learning how to grow and improve in every way - in relationships, finances, physical well-being and spiritual growth. 


  • We envision a community where we can laugh and have fun and cry together and support one another; where we are known for our love for one another. A family that celebrates one another's strengths, where we can use our gifts and talents for the greater good of others.

  •  We envision a place where miracles and healing's are normal and those in need of freedom are set free by the power of the Holy Spirit, just as it was when Jesus walked the earth. 


  • We envision a church that follows the promptings of God's Holy Spirit; where the gifts of the Holy Spirit are being released to provide personal ministry to those who come with needs. A place people experience the reality of God as His presence is manifested in tangible ways.


  • We envision a church where people gather to passionately worship God through music and song. A place where God's creativity is glorified through Arts, Dance and Drama. 


  • We envision a music ministry where our worship teams are passionate worshippers who carry such an anointing that the windows of heaven open, releasing an atmosphere of signs, wonders and miracles. 


  • We envision a Bible School Training Centre that trains people how to operate supernaturally in the natural realm of daily life so that they can release God's supernatural power in the marketplace so the entire company is blessed and increasing. 


  • We envision a church where children are excited to come to church because they encounter the reality of God's love and supernatural power flowing through them, so that the world takes notice that these are sons and daughters of God. 


  • We envision a church with a influential youth, young adult, men, women and seniors ministry; where we become the amazing people we were created to be bringing transformation and hope to people around them.  


  • We envision a place where hurting people receive emotional healing and are set free from lifelong addition as and bondages through inner healing and support groups. A place where we are in in a healing process, moving towards being a disciple of Jesus, or discipling others to become Christ's agents of transformation. 


  • We envision a church where people walk in such power that no weapon of the enemy including sickness disease, addictions or poverty can defeat them. Instead they are confronting and defeating the powers of darkness – tearing down the strongholds of the enemy so those around them also experience the goodness of God’s love.


  • We envision our city being called the City of Miracles; where churches are working together in harmony, where businesses are prospering resulting in low unemployment, innovative solutions to poverty, crime and other social problems are being implemented with such that other cities are looking at Peterborough as a model for transformation of their cities.

This is the vision we believe Jesus Christ has given to CVC and that we are pursuing