Our Values:

We talk a lot about our 4 core values because values are what shape the culture of an organization. We can say lots of things are important but the decisions we make reflect what is actually important and those decision create an environment. We believe it’s important for you to understand our core convictions, beliefs or values and how they shape our decisions on how we fulfil the mission God has given to us, as part of His family. Below our values are listed in the order by which we apply them when making decisions. This may seem a bit complicated but as you spend time with us you will begin to see how this happens in practical ways.

4 Values

1.  Honour
We work to bring and operate in a culture of Honour. A culture of honour is where we learn to value and celebrate who a person is instead of dishonouring them because of behaviours we may disagree with. God has given us honour making us honourable, so we can give honour to people even when they don't act honourable. 

2.  Fun
We believe that God wants us to enjoy and celebrate the life he has given us. We believe that one of the best gifts God gives us is laughter to help our bodies and soul. he enjoys it when we gather together as a church family and wants us to enjoy and celebrate the life he has given us.

3.  Freedom
Where God's spirit is there is freedom(2 Corinthians 3:17). We provide an environment where people have the freedom to make mistakes and to be themselves. Freedom means we are less concerned with do's and don't's and more concerned with authentic relationships where we champion one another's identity in Christ. 

4.  Safety
We work to create a safe environment that includes physical safety and emotional safety, where people can be real and authentic, finding help and support instead of condemnation, judgement or criticism. Freedom or fun are never at the expense of safety.