COVID-19 safety plan for Christian Victory Church

Date completed: November 26, 2020

In compliance with Peterborough Public Health guidelines for faith-based organizations, Christian Victory Church has developed a comprehensive COVID-19 Safety Plan. The following policies implemented are safety measures to prevent the spread of the virus and to protect the health and wellbeing of employees, patrons, and our community.


Please do not enter the building if:         

  • You have any cold or flu-like symptoms no matter how minor.        
  • You have been in contact with anyone who has symptoms or tested positive for Covid.        
  • You have travelled internationally in the last 14 days. 


Limited access to the church building:         

  • Sunday gatherings are limited to 30% of the buildings seating capacity per room.
  • Pre-register or registration at the door is required to be allowed entry.        
  • Only staff and authorized volunteers are allowed in the building during the week.  
  • Most ministry meetings have moved to online meetings via zoom and or Facebook Live.        
  • Many staff members are working from home to minimize contact.     
  • Modified work hours at the church office.    
  • Individuals experiencing any symptoms of illness, including but not limited to COVID-19 symptoms, are asked not to enter the building.  
  • Provide both on-site and online services are available.


Physical distancing is being maintained:         

  • Signs encouraging 2 meter distancing are posted at the entrance, exit and throughout the church building.         
  • Both outside and inside the building 2 meter distant markings on the ground/floor to aid with line ups.        
  • Doors will open at 9:30am with physical distancing markings on the sidewalk.
  • Plexiglass barriers are in place at our registration table and help center desk.         
  • Seating for Sunday gatherings is marked by ushers with 2 meter distance between seating groups (max 6 per group), and 3 meters distance from speakers.  
  • We ask patrons to refrain from hugging, handshaking and that you remain 6 feet apart from those who are not part of your immediate social circle. 
  • One sanctuary doors are marked "Enter Only" and the other "Exit Only". 
  • Signs encouraging only 3 persons per time allowed in the washroom at any one time. There is a touch free hand sanitation station located outside the washroom doors. Please sanitize before entering the washrooms. We have added touch free paper towel and soap dispensers.
  • An usher will seat attendees starting at the front pews and work backwards to help maintain physical distancing.  Every 2nd pew has been removed to help this process.
  • Any fellowship time will need to take place outside of the building.
  • The bookstore will be closed and no beverages or food will be served on a weekly basis.
  • We have two offering boxes on the back wall and two debit machine stations in the lobby that can be used before or after service inplace of taking up a regular offering. Online ways to give have been made available. Click here for more information
  • Children will be required to remain with their parents as we are unable to safely provide children’s ministry at this time.


Self Assessments are done by every person who enters the church building before each visit.

  • We screen visitors and staff before each visit for health issues. Everyone must take the self assesement test before attending a service. All staff and volunteers must take the seft assement before coming to the church office.
  • Self Assessments are available on our website and signage is posted at all entrances within the building and at all registration stations.
  • Workers/Visitors who are sick or have signs of illness (e.g. fever, coughing, sneezing, runny nose, tiredness, shortness of breath) are told to self-isolate.
  • If anyone develops symptoms of COVID-19, we implement procedures for reporting the illness to the church office and then to Peterborough Public Heath.

Sanitation/Cleaning is being maintained:

  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces and shared objects in between uses. All surfaces including pew fabric are sanitized with hospital grab cleaning products that have been endorsement by Health Canada as being affective against covid-19 before and after each service by our staff and volunteers.
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizer of 70% or more is available at all entrances and exits and throughout the establishment, for use of all persons entering or exiting.
  • Our building is sanitized and disinfected thoroughly every Tuesday and Thursday by our paid cleaning staff. We use hospital grab cleaning products that have been endorsement by Health Canada as being affective against covid-19 including Oxivir Tb on all fabric surfaces, Quattro 44 as an all-purpose disinfectant, and 3 in 1 Avmor Disinfecting all purpose glass cleaner for our glass surfaces.  
  • Touch free paper towel dispensers and touch free soap dispensers installed into the public washrooms.
  • Encouring staff and volunteers to practice proper hand washing. Hand washing is one of the best ways to minimize the risk of infection. Proper hand washing helps prevent the transfer of infectious material from the hands to other parts of the body — particularly the eyes, nose, and mouth — or to other surfaces that are touched.


Wash your hands immediately:

  • Before starting and when leaving the church
  • After handling materials that may be contaminated
  • After touching your face

Hand washing procedure:


Use soap and warm running water. (It doesn’t have to be hot to do the job.) If water is unavailable, use a waterless hand cleanser that has at least 60% alcohol. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to use the cleanser. Alcohol-based hand sanitizer dispensers are located at various locations throughout the Church.                                                 


Facemasks are REQUIRED to be worn at any time within the building:

Christian Victory Church has implement a policy on mandatory facial coverings within our establishment. Facemasks are available free of cost to anyone that needs one provided by Christian Victory Church. We also provide facemasks/faceshileds free of cost to all volunteers and staff.

The scope of this policy is the following:

  • Require persons who enter or remain in the indoor public space of Christian Victory Church to wear a face covering that covers the nose, mouth, and chin.
  • The face covering must be worn inside Christian Victory Church at all times, unless it is reasonably required to temporarily remove the face covering for services provided by Christian Victory Church (such as Leading in Worship, Preaching, making announcements or eating or drinking (communion).
  • A person shall be exempt from wearing a face covering in Christian Victory Church if:

a. The person is a child under the age of two years; or is a child under the age of five years either chronologically or developmentally and he or she refuses to wear a face covering and cannot be persuaded to do so by their caregiver;

b. The person is incapacitated and unable to remove their face covering without assistance;

  • Visible signage indicating that face coverings are required inside Christian Victory Church are posted at all entrances and exits and within the building.
  • All employees and leadership will receive training on the policy, learn how to respond to anyone who arrives without a face covering or removes their face covering while inside [Christian Victory Church].


Contact Tracing is maintained:

Contact tracing is the process of identifying all people that a COVID-19 patient has come in contact with in the last two weeks. The following procedures have been put in place regarding contact tracing;

  • Before entering the building you must provide Christian Victory Church with your name and contact information. We have this set up that you can pre-register in adavance on our website at , self-registion on a laptop in the church on the day of the visit, or a staff member is available at our registration desk at the church where you can register manually at the door on the day of your visit.
  • All records are kept, both hard copies and electronic copies, for a duration of 2 months on file with Christian Victory Church. Manual registrations and electronic registrations are entered into PowerChurch by a staff members and attendance records are then filed by date of service.
  • All volunteers/staff/worship team members must register in our CVC bookstore piror to their shift. They must register with name and phone number, sanitize, pick up their PPE, take the self assessment and have their temperature taken before each shift.
  • In line with the Peterborough Health reporting requirements, we will let the congration and staff know if the Peterborough Public Health notifies Christian Victory Church of a confirmed case of COVID-19.


PPE (personal protective equipment):

  • Gloves, hand santizer, facemasks, and faceshileds are provided by Christian Victory Church for all staff and volunteers.
  • Facemasks are provided free of charge to all patrons.
  • Plexi Glass Barriers have been put in place at both our registration desk and information desk in Christian Victory Church.


Regularly check in with public health updates and retrain/revise practices as needed.


Train staff on the policy including how to respond to the various circumstances:

  • Parishioner arrived without a facial covering because they forgot or don't have one
  • Parishioner who is exempt from wearing a facial covering
  • Parishioner wanting more information about the policy
  • Parishioner who becomes aggressive about the new requirement
  • Parishioner wanting information about the importance of wearing a facial covering or the science on the use of facial coverings
  • Parishioner asking about the availability of alcohol-based hand sanitizer (at least 60% alcohol concentration)