Our Mission & Strategy to fulfill what we envision:

Mission answers the question of how we are called to express what Jesus has called us to do as a unique part of His body.


We are a group of people on a family mission, bringing heaven to earth,
producing transformed lives leading to transformed nations.

We use the words "family mission" because all believers have been given the ministry of reconciliation. This means bringing people to Jesus so they might become part of His family.

Jesus calls us into local families (meaning church congregations) where we learn how to function as a spiritual family - where each one of us can use our gifts and talents to help one another. We work hard to maintain our relationships because when we become isolated we are more vulnerable to poor choices that cause unnecessary problems in our lives.

We use the phrase "bringing heaven to earth" because as the body of Christ we believe we are to represent Jesus the way he functioned on earth. He went about destroying the works of the enemy and releasing the healing power of God's love in ways that transformed the lives of individuals. 

We believe that when God's blessing invades the lives of the people in a nation, that nation can be transformed for God's glory.

So to sum it all up....We empower people to walk in victory, live in love and to share the good news with others. 

To further break down our mission:

We teach people how to practically apply God's Word to everyday life so it becomes a victorious lifestyle instead of a religious Sunday custom. 

We show people how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit; to access His power and ability at work, at home or wherever they may be, to share the good news of the gospel with demonstrations of Christ's powerful love to help others experience true freedom. 

The results we are working towards with our mission:

We have empowered people to walk in victory when we have provided the tools such as communication, financial management, marriage/relationship, leadership and similar type courses for people to gain the practical knowledge along with mentors who will help keep them accountable to reach their goals and provide a spiritual atmosphere of encouragement as they takes steps into victory.

Victory will be displayed by their attitude of hope and faith along with practical steps. We will know others are walking in victory by creating a safe environment where we can talk about our victories and failures, an environment that values confession to one another. I must have a team of leaders that can provide this type of safe environment where feedback about daily life takes place.

We have empowered people to walk in love when we have taught them how to confront in love and provided the training so they learn how to do it properly. Our leadership team will continue to champion the value of honor within the family. This means we won’t engage in gossip or holding grudges or bitterness but will deal with problems as they occur – seeking first to understand. We will see this when others comment on the atmosphere of Love and how people talk of one another.

We will provide training for people to learn how to share what Jesus is doing in their lives, feel comfortable with praying for both friends and strangers and inviting them to church to leading them to Christ. We will take people out in small groups so they can learn how to talk and pray with those who don’t yet have a personal relationship with Jesus. In church we will have times where people can pray for one another.