How do I become part of this local church?

People ask about church membership or how to belong to this church. We believe that becoming a member of a church is about a commitment to a family, not an organization. We believe that being a member isn’t about rights but about a relationship based upon serving the needs of others through a common mission.

In a family we may not see everything exactly the same way because of different passions and perspectives. However in a healthy family it is okay to disagree on non-essentials while being committed to the success of the family because we are joined where we believe God has placed us, not because we can all agree on everything.

With that in mind I have written out our commitment to this family and provided a framework of basic expectations of family members.

Please follow the link below to download the PDF file which contains my commitment to you. We love and appreciate every one of you, and commit together to do all He calls us to do to bring to fruition the vision God has for this church and the church in this city and beyond.

If you prayerfully decide that this is the church God is calling you to be joined to, you can sign this commitment and ask me to pray with you for the Holy Spirit to spiritually connect you into this local family where you can receive, grow, be fruitful and bless others.

If you are leaving another church to attend CVC we ask that you talk to the leadership of your last church asking for their blessing to come here as you feel the Holy Spirit is leading you. Secondly if there was strife or problems that caused your leaving we ask that you meet with one of our pastors so they can help you resolve this because that church is part of Christ’s bride, so we want those situations to be resolved in an honorable way.

Pastor Mark's Commitment PDF

Below you will find 2 series by Pastors Mark and Wendy Murack on church membership. Each series will help give you a greater understanding of how Christian Victory Church's part of the body of Christ works.

Finding A Church Home
     Pastor Mark Murack

A Committed Member of Christ's Body
     Pastors Mark and Wendy Murack